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As you go through various careers websites you’ll read a lot of lists with opportunities. VTTI is no exception, you’ll find below details of our latest openings around the world.

But that’s only part of the story. We are always looking for exciting talent. So we like to hold the door open even if there isn’t an obvious job for us to post.

You’ll also find we resist putting people into categories. For example, a talented law graduate may be useful to us in a number of ways (only one of which is actually law).

We’ve welcomed an ex-banker and turned him into a commercial manager. And an economics graduate into a communications specialist.

So if you defy categorisation and are looking for a challenge, that may be an asset in itself. Make an Open Application below and we’ll see if we can find an idea that excites us both.

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If you don’t see an advertised role that interests you, email us with your CV and tell us about yourself. You never know...


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