ATB in Johor, Malaysia, offers storage of well over one million m³. It is perfectly located, lying at the heart of the vibrant energy trading hub for Asia, in the so-called FOB Straits.

The deep water ATB terminal caters for regional distribution, and with shorter turnaround times. It also offers product blending at lower operating costs compared with equivalent terminals in neighbouring Singapore. The terminal handles (among other products) gasoline, jet fuel, gasoil, fuel oil and biofuels, and is easily accessible by ship, barge and road.

Phase 1 of the terminal was commissioned in April 2012 and can receive all tanker sizes, including partially-laden Very Large Crude Carriers. It comprises 41 tanks with total storage capacity of 5.6 million barrels / 893,000 m³. It is served by five berths with a maximum draft of 17.5 metres.

Phase 2, which opened in August 2015, adds a further 262,000 m³ of fuel oil tankage and takes ATB’s total capacity to 7.3 million barrels /1,155,000 m³. The expansion includes a sixth berth which caters for ships up to Aframax size (120,000 DWT) with a maximum draft of 17.5 metres.