A very different stage
for your talents

What makes us different?

VTTI’s success has been built on attracting great people but, as importantly, being able to retain them. That means motivating talented people with a culture and opportunities that stretch and inspire them.

So first things first. You interview us.

In careers and recruitment it always seems to be about The Company interviewing The Applicant. At VTTI we see this differently, as a two way thing. Yes, there’s a lot we want to ask you if we’re going to work together. But we expect to be grilled by you as well. After all, you’ve worked hard and you should be selective. Your career is one of the most precious things you have.

You need to make sure that VTTI measures up, to your standards, your ambitions and your talents.

So who are VTTI?

VTTI is one of the fastest-growing independent oil storage companies in the world. And we stand on the rock solid foundations, with strong links to some of the largest players in the global energy market.

What makes you different from all the big energy companies?

We’re different in just about every way from ‘Big Oil’. We’re entrepreneurs. In just 9 years we’ve created a terminal network across 14 countries and 5 continents. We move quickly, have a flat structure and we’re lean. We look for one special person who can take ownership, rather than three OK ones. And when he or she is ready, we give them a lot of responsibility.

So what marks out someone as ‘special’?

We look for qualities that cannot be taught. A restless curiosity; a sense of fun; a refusal to accept just average; a hunger for new experiences; an instinct to zig when the rest of the world zags.

And if I’m that person, what kind of role could I expect?

You tell us. Our business has many sides to it. HSE, Operations, Business Development, Engineering, Commercial, IT, Legal – show us where you can make a difference, and why, and we’ll back you.

Where would I be based?

Again, you tell us. We’re a worldwide company and we need great people wherever we operate.

Now it's our turn.
Are you VTTI?

Are you VTTI?

Now here are a few questions from us to you.

Think of it as a kind of speed date where we explore the way you think, what you’re expecting, and whether we both think along the same lines.

Do you look for the confidence of a structure?

We like structure where it’s important. Our safety systems, for example, are built on strict processes. But in careers, structure can stop you showing what you can do. So we don’t have rigid job descriptions that limit your potential. If you think you can contribute in a different area, we’ll listen. There is no defined ladder, either. We work and succeed together, and promote good people regardless of age or time with the company.

Do you have qualifications?

Qualifications tell us something about you: your ability to learn, to process information, and simply your determination to excel. In many of our roles, they are also essential: in engineering, for example.

But in many other areas, we’re looking for qualities that are simply inside you. Lateral thinking, creativity, entrepreneurial skills and a glass-half-full personality are assets we prize at VTTI.

Do you have a focused career plan?

If you do, we like what that says about your ambition.

Although at VTTI, you’ll also find things are excitingly fluid: unexpected opportunities come up all the time. No matter how much you plan, you may well find yourself happily surprised by events.

Do you like the recognition of a title?

Sorry, we don’t go much for job titles and hierarchy. Even our CEO doesn’t have an office.

The way you know you’re succeeding at VTTI is the increasing responsibility we give you. Show us what you can do and you’ll find we’re not afraid to trust you with multi-million dollar cargoes or business development projects.

Do you work 7 days a week?

We work hard at VTTI, no doubt about it. We are not a 9-5 business and sometimes the demands reflect that. But we’re also passionate believers in a work/life balance. We want well rounded people who take their life outside seriously as well.

They’re more contented, interesting, worldly - and fun.

We’ll match your commitment

As an employer, there is nothing more inspiring than seeing our people hungry to advance their skills for the benefit of us both.

That’s why we support them in training and development so that we can match their commitment with our resources.

In the last 12 months alone, we have helped people through MBA or equivalent courses, language courses and Masters qualifications.

In fact, in The Netherlands, VTTI has been selected as one of the best employers for 2017- 2018, based on scores and feedback received from employees.

Best Employer 2018-2019 Chosen by employees
Rien de Jong
Rien de Jong, HR Director

“We keep people on board by stretching them and investing in them. We want them to be the best they can be, and we match their commitment with time and resources.”

Investing in you