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We expect a lot from our people and they also have high expectations of us. We attract professionals who are not simply looking for a rewarding role now. They want to know that they will grow professionally, with a company that invests in making them the very best they can be.

We invest in high-performers, and as a lean and efficient employer we are always looking to skill-up our people so that they can take on greater responsibility. It’s a win-win for you and VTTI, as you become more accomplished in your role.

As a global company we have also created a pool of international talent: people who are highly skilled and who we send, on temporary assignment, to our terminals worldwide.

It could be to perform a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ audit on process safety; or create a new IT infrastructure for a new terminal project; or train local contractors on the rigid standards of safety that we require.

With 12 terminals spread across 11 countries and 5 continents, and with new projects going live, you could find yourself on assignment in Asia, South America, the US, South Africa, the UAE or Europe.

Carlos Herrera

System Engineer, Vitco Argentina My experience

The VTTI leadership development programme (LDP)

We are constantly assessing how our business will look in 1, 3 and 5 years’ time – and who will be driving its future. Our LDP is designed to accelerate talent whom we believe to be exceptional, with a programme organised into three levels:

Level 1
Young Professionals
‘Arriving at VTTI’
These are chosen from graduates who have been with us for a year, and who show particular strengths, flair and ambition.
Level 2
‘Leading at VTTI’
For current and future Management Team members & senior professionals.
Level 3
‘Creating at VTTI’
For Board members, General Managers & senior professionals.

Ahmed Tamer

Global maintenance engineer, Rotterdam HQ My experience

Wendy Guepin

Head of legal, Rotterdam HQ My experience

Matching your ambition with our support

Many VTTI people are not just looking to be better at their roles, and to widen their horizons. In certain cases, and where extra learning or experiences may bring value to VTTI, we are happy to support them with time or resources.

At the moment, just some of the external courses being supported by VTTI include tuition in the Dutch language, a specialist legal course on contracts, a Masters in Labour & Organisational Psychology, specialist tuition in customs law, trading & hedging courses, negotiation skills and personal development coaching.

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