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HSE Officer
ETA, The Netherlands
ETA Open Application
ETA, The Netherlands
HSE Officer
ETA, The Netherlands

Our organisation: full of energy

Eurotank Amsterdam (ETA) is part of VTTI, the world’s fastest growing energy storage provider. Always flexible. Always looking for better and new ways to store and distribute energy. Safely, responsibly and sustainably. Always looking for new opportunities for our customers. If you would like to know more, visit

We’re looking for safe thinkers

ETA is one of Europe’s most dynamic terminals, with 11 jetties to handle the demand. This long-established terminal provides deep water access (14 metres) and a capacity of 1.3 million cubic metres. Key activities include the storage and complex blending of clean petroleum products.

The Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) department has a unique place in our organisation. BRZO responsibilities give HSE a vital advisory role for the internal organisation and as a sparring partner for external parties (BRZO-2015/Seveso III).

In this position you’ll report directly to the HSE Manager, who leads a team of 2 HSE officers and a smaller HSE project organisation (size depending on current projects).

Areas of responsibility

As a member of the team, you’ll play a key role in personal and process safety. This requires liaison skills to align the needs of all stakeholders, to meet imposed requirements on time, safely and accurately.

In this role you will:

  • Be the first contact point for employees concerning their personal safety
  • Monitor Labour Law and translate that into practice
  • Focus on accurate administration. Keeping control is import for our regular audits, in which you’ll play a key part
  • Investigate and anticipate incidents
  • Execute safety studies (including HAZOP and LOPA)
  • Keeping our Risk Assessment & Evaluation up to date

Essential Skills

  • Service-oriented, can-do attitude
  • Great communicator who brings people together
  • Solution-driven, creative thinking
  • Obsessive about quality and detail
  • Safety awareness

The VTTI Way

Five qualities define us: dynamic strategists, risk savvy, creative owners, collective leaders and productive people. We call this the VTTI Way. If you recognise yourself in these characteristics, send your CV to with a short description of what drives you.